Joe Fenton is a British artist and illustrator internationally recognized for his highly detailed, pen and ink drawings that fuse interplanetary iconography with inspiration from religious artifacts from centuries past. His works feature intricate graphite and mixed-media illustrations that draw inspiration from ornate frames of gilded Orthodox icons and elaborate wood carvings of Tibetan Buddhist altars, combining elements of East and West in his large, fantastical pieces. Fenton cites Gustave Doré, M.C. Escher, and Hieronymus Bosch, among other notable artists, as sources of inspiration. Fenton attended Wimbledon School of Art in London and worked as an award winning children’s book illustrator and author before dedicating his time to his personal artwork. His pieces have been exhibited in numerous galleries and exhibitions worldwide, and he has also collaborated with high-profile brands, such as PRS Guitars, creating custom artwork featured on limited edition guitars. In addition to his artwork, Fenton has worked as a concept artist for film and television, contributing his talents to projects such as Terry Gilliams’ “Brothers Grimm” and “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Fenton currently resides in Los Angeles.

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